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25 Alcohol Breath TestersNEW Bulk wholesale RRP$29.90

Our Price:AU $225.00


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25 Alcohol Breath TestersNEW Bulk wholesale RRP$29.90
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25 x Alcohol Breath Testers

Brilliant value!
Amazing Re-Sale Value...
RRP$34.90 each
Personal alcohol tester for measuring blood alcohol content.
A great product for your driving security...

You turn turn the product on, blow into it and it will give you one of two readings. 1 Amber = up to 0.02 BAC and 2 Red = .05 or over.

It also has a small LED light included.
  • An IDEAL size goes ANYWHERE
  • Convenient to carry on keychain
  • Made by a very reliable company
  • Take it in your pocket
  • Battery 3A x 2 included (replaceable)
  • Size: 71mm x 29mm x 31mm
  • Also includes LED light
  • Promote responsible drinking
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty
Really good looking product which works well.

Keep one in car or available to check alcohol content before driving.

Drink responsibly.

This unit can help you check your blood alcohol content, but should not be used to justify driving after drinking.

Very good quality product.

Home  > Wholesale Lots  > Product Information
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