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    New Burst Disk Kit for Scuba Diving Tank Valve - Many Kits to Choose From

    Our Price:$10.95


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    New Burst Disk Kit for Scuba Diving Tank Valve - Many Kits to Choose From
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    New Burst Disk Kit
    for Scuba Diving Tank Valve
    Upgrade Your Scuba Diving Tank Valve
    with a New Burst Disk Kit!
    Many Kits to Choose From....

    The photo above is for "Illustrative Reference Only"
    displaying many varieties of burst disks
    and does not represent the contents of each Kit

    A Burst Disk is part of the valve on a scuba tank or paintball tank. Burst Disks exist simply to burst and relieve the pressure when the pressure in a tank exceeds the tank's safe limits. If your burst disk pops or ruptures, we can send you a new one.

    You can find the pressure rating of the burst disk you will need stamped on the side of the disk. If you need assistance finding which burst disk is right for you, please drop us an email and we'll be glad to assist you.

    Make your Selection from the Following List of
    Burst Disk Kits....
    (Please note that each item purchased in this listing is for one Burst Disk Kit only and typically consists of a brass plug, a burst disk and a washer)

    3/8" - 1800PSI

    3/8" - 2015PSI

    3/8" - 2250PSI

    3/8" - 2400PSI

    3/8" - 3000PSI

    3/8" - 3500PSI

    1/2" - 2015PSI

    1/2" - 2250PSI

    1/2" - 3000PSI

    1/2" - 3300PSI

    1/2" - 3500PSI

    As any good diver knows, your scuba tank is an important part of your Life Support Equipment. It is recommended that your Burst Disk be replaced with a new one after each tank "hydro". Burst Disk Kits are intended for use by factory trained technicians who follow factory service procedures and use special tools as required. By purchasing this item, you affirm that you fully understand these instructions and you will have them installed by a factory trained service technician.

    Also, please note that because of the difficulty in determining whether returned parts are new or used,
    there will be no returns allowed on Burst Disk Kits.

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    Home  > Valves  > Product Information
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