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    24Karat Gold Plated Birch Leaf Pendant

    Our Price:$29.95


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    24Karat Gold Plated Birch Leaf Pendant
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    24 Karat Gold Plated Birch Leaf Pendant
    2.36"-2.76" (60-70mm) x 1.57"-1.97" (40-50mm)

    We proudly offer an extremely rare 24Karat Gold Plated Birch Leaf Pendant with a 3-5mm top loop. When combined with one of your favorite gold chains, this 24Karat Gold Plated Birch Leaf Pendant will produce an extremely beautiful and exquisite necklace.

    24Karat Birch Leaves are made from real hand picked Birch Leaves. Each leaf is soaked in a special solution that dissolves the fleshy parts of the leaf leaving the veins and skeleton intact. Each leaf is then coated with varnish to preserve and stiffen them and make them easier to handle. The surface is then hand painted with a copper based paint that conducts electricity. Once the natural surface is coated with the copper metal, we are able to electroplate 24Karat Gold onto the leaf.

    The result is a beautiful Birch Leaf that is preserved in pure 24Karat Gold. Leaves are see-through and delicate looking, yet surprisingly sturdy. Since each and every leaf is unique and there are no two exactly alike, the size and shape will vary, making your purchase....
    "One of a Kind".

    Home  > Gifts  > Product Information
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