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    New Xtreme Sport Spare Air Vest for Surfers & Kayakers

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    New Xtreme Sport Spare Air Vest for Surfers & Kayakers
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    New Spare Air "Xtreme Sport" Neoprene Vest

    The only vest that is made for the the New Spare Air "Xtreme Sport".... the first emergency air source that is truly a reliable & redundant air supply for Surfers and Kayakers

    Introducing a safety product specifically designed for the extreme water-sport enthusiast....

    The Spare Air "Xtreme Sport" Neoprene Vest is the outer garment that is worn when using a 1.7cf or a 1.1cf Spare Air to perform self-rescues and to save others where only a few extra breaths are necessary to prevent drowning.

    Over the years, kayakers, surfers and other water-sportsmen have been using the Spare Air as a rescue safety device. Their only complaint.... they needed something that was "hands free". The "Xtreme Sport" Neoprene Vest solves this by mounting the unit in a chest pocket. Now your next breath is only inches away.

    The "Xtreme Sport" Vest is constructed of warm 1/8 inch neoprene and comes with an easy to adjust side velcro belt along with a secure pouch with an outlet for your regulator mouthpiece. Wear the vest under a PFD and/or outside any other clothing for easy access.


    You're surfing Jaws Beach in Maui and you find yourself being pushed down through the water without any sign of surfacing. The breaker finally lets you up about 80 yards from where you fell.


    You're white water rafting on the Tuolumne and you're tossed in the water during the ride on a rapid called Rock Garden..... staying under for what seems like eternity.


    You need enough air to get back to the surface.

    You need only one more breath.


    You need "Xtreme Sport"!!!

    Spare Air "Xtreme Sport" is the preferred choice of both professional surfers and kayakers for a very good reason....It saves lives! Self-contained and user-refillable with the optional refill adapter, it is a total redundant back-up miniature scuba system. In case of emergency, "Xtreme Sport" provides you with enough air to safely get back to the surface. Even if you never use "Xtreme Sport", it's always there as your back-up plan.

    "Xtreme Sport" is There When You Need It"!

    "Xtreme Sport" is the smallest redundant scuba system available and is packed with 3000 psi to provide you with enough air to get you to the surface in an out-of-air emergency. Yet, it is small enough that you don't even know you are wearing it! "Xtreme Sport" should be a standard piece of equipment for the safety minded Surfer or Kayaker.

    Tested and approved by the U.S. Navy, "Xtreme Sport" is a totally self-contained (1.7 cubic foot of air), refillable backup air system that's small and easy to use.

    This Spare Air "Xtreme Sport" package is for Surfers & Kayakers everywhere!!!

    Easy to travel with!

    Easy to wear!

    Easy to refill!


    Please note that this sale is for the "Xtreme Sport" Spare Air Vest only. The discussion of the Spare Air Tank or any of the Spare Air accessories as shown in the photos are not included in this particular sale and are shown for informational and educational purposes only.

    It is extremely important that you make your purchase from an Authorized Spare Air Scuba Retailer....

    To ensure that you receive appropriate product support and maintenance service on your Spare Air Scuba products, it is necessary that you purchase Spare Air Scuba products only from Authorized Spare Air Scuba retailers. Manufacturer's warranties on Spare Air Scuba products are valid only if purchased from an Authorized Spare Air Scuba retailer.

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    Home  > Spare Air System  > Product Information
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