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    Crazy Drake - RARE eGames PC Game - NEW

    Our Price: $5.99


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    Crazy Drake - RARE eGames PC Game - NEW
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    Crazy Drake

    NEW PC GAME IN SLEEVE RUNNING ON WINDOWS 95/98 - Note: Game has not been tested on newer operating systems although if you have problems you can download the free DOSBOX utility from the net and run it using that program. Please read this entire ad so you are very clear as to type of product packaging you will recieve, system requirements and shipping times.


    Crazy Drake

    Publisher - eGames - English version. Published in the U.S for use on PC systems Worldwide

    Compatible systems - WINDOWS 95/98

    Type of Media - CDROM


    OUR PRICE ( Includes U.S shipping) $5.99

    Condition - Brand New

    Language - English

    Shipping and Handling to the U.S - FREE

    Shipping and Handling TO CANADA - $1.99

    Shipping and Handling anywhere else in the world - $3.99

    Item is packaged CD ONLY IN SLEEVE. NO BOX OR PAPERWORK. Manual is on the CD.

    Your one stop software shop! Your in Good hands with Bargain Buyers Software!
    Why buy from us? Ive been a trusted Ebay seller for over 10yrs with the ROCK BOTTOM LOWEST prices available online on any site, I offer free tech support and a 100% money back guarantee on every purchase. See below for return policy and we suggest reading our entire ad so you are clear on packaging, S&H charges and delivery times. We want you informed & most of all HAPPY! 99% Customer Satisfaction for the past 10 years!
    Packaging details - We only sell full version legal software that is fully registerable. Publishers are willing to verify the authenticity of all products we sell. Have a question concerning this auction? Contact us!

    * Crazy Drake *

    Crazy Drake is a colorful non-violent platformer game. You play as a duck named Prince Drake, and your mission is to rescue the golden egg from Dr.Foulbrain, an evil scientist.

    As CRAZY DRAKE, players must make your way through six unique worlds in this one of a kind side-scrolling action adventure. Crazy Drake features an incredible variety of moves and a whole host of wacky enemies. The comic book style graphics and sounds add an all new element of fun to the classic game play. It all adds up to an exciting, fast-moving adventure for game players of all ages!

    One payment for ALL auctions is required to combine S&H. Orders are shipped within 2 full working days. Please expect 3-8 working days after we ship for items to arrive. When your item arrives in these time frames, we appreciate 5 star DSR ratings since we have done what we promised. If you dont think we deserve a 5 star rating please let us know why and we will fix it! Thanks so much!

    NOTE ON S&H CHARGES - Pretend this is your business. You rent a warehouse, pay for Water, Electric, phones, security system, packaging, workers, & use a corrier service to pick up & deliver to USPS. You add all this up and see it costs you on average 2.00 per item before you even pay postage. Postage costs are from .80 cents to 2.49 per item. Being fair to yourself and customers what would you charge for S&H? Anything below 4.49 and you risk losing money. You decide to average it out and charge 3.99 per item. Your happy because you have been fair to yourself and customers & you still have the overall LOWEST price on Ebay. This is what we have done. Its fair to you & us. We do offer special promotional shipping prices on selecet merchandise. We sincerely hope you can leave us a 5 star DSR rating concerning these charges.


    Returns, exchanges for same product & refunds are welcome for any defective item. Simply contact us and we will arrange a fast solution that works for you. Purchasing an item for an operating system other than what we have listed is done at the buyers risk and non refundable. EXAMPLE -If you decide to purchase a Windows XP title to run on VISTA please make sure you know how to configure it to run before purchasing. If you decide to just "take a chance" then please be fair and dont expect a refund because of your choice to gamble.


    We provide support for everything we sell. Just email us with questions, concerns or problems and we will get you an answer or solution ASAP, usually the same business day. Emails after 10:00 AM on Fridays may not be answered until Monday Morning.

    Packaging Descriptions What do these mean?
    SLEEVE -CD only in sleeve, fully playable, manual and help files on the cd JEWEL - CD in standard retail hard plastic case
    DVD STYLE - CD in Hard Plastic retail DVD style case FLATPACK - CD in retail cardboard case
    Flexi Pack - CD in our custom poly shrinkwrap pack with retail jewel case covers, not hard cased Shrinkwrap Pack - CD in our larger custom poly shrinkwrap pack with retail DVD case covers, not hard cased.

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