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Bluff Manufacturing Steel Yard Forklift Ramp Model Number 30SYS8436L

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Bluff Manufacturing Steel Yard Forklift Ramp Model Number 30SYS8436L
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Bluff Manufacturing Yard Ramps (also known as Forklift Ramps, Dock Ramps, or Truck Loading Ramps) are among the top brands on the market.

The 8 inch side curbs provide solid safety prevention to keep forklifts from running off the side of the ramp.

Large 18 inch solid tires make it easy to move and position the ramp over uneven asphalt and concrete surfaces.  Optional pneumatic tires are available for rough unpaved ground.

Wheels are positioned in the middle of the ramp for a balanced design, making maneuverability much better for your forklift operator.

Safety chains are included to ensure that the ramp does not pull away from the trailer or dock.

Each ramp comes standard with a fork loop used by the forklift operator to move and position the ramp into place.  This can be augmented by add a tow bar for moving the ramp over greater distances by pulling the ramp in tow by the forklift.

The 36ft model has a 6-foot level off area.  This is important because it enables the forks to get down level to access loads in the rear of the trailer.  Otherwise, you would need to unload the rear of the trailer first, then move the ramp into place to access the remaining load, losing valuable time.

The ramps have steel grating for traction in all weather.  The diamond plating at the bottom of the ramp is important and necessary.  It prevents damage to the ramp as forklifts approaching the ramp and turning would damage the grating if it ran to the edge of the ramp.  The plate is short enough so that only two of the wheels on the forklift are on the plate at one time allowing for sure traction.

The manufacturer recommends choosing a capacity that is 3 times the capacity of the forklift.  So if your forklift has a capacity of 6,000 lbs, then you would need a ramp with at least 18,000 lbs capacity.  In this case the 20,000 lb ramp would be appropriate for your needs.

Financing Available

This item ships from warehouses through the U.S. - Available Now!

Standard with every ramp:

1) Full double acting hydraulic pump
2) 8 inch side curbs
3) 18 inch solid tires
4) Ramp is balanced to move
5) Safety Chain
6) Choice of Tow Bar or Ramp Clamp
7) Proven design

Specifications for this ramp:
Capacity: 30,000 lbs.
Width: 84 in.
Usable Width: 78 in.
Length: 36 feet
Weight: 6,844 lbs


Hydraulic Pump
  • Double-acting
  • Two hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic system allows for smooth and quick raising of the front lip to the proper dock or trailer height. Simply open the release valve to safely lower the unit into position. The pump is mounted internally to protect it from accidental damage.

Undercarriage Assembly
  • Tubular steel box undercarriage assembly
  • 18" solid rubber pneumatic profile tires

Heavy-duty wheels and solid rubber, pneumatic profile tires make positioning the Yard ramp easy. For stationary dock installations, standard Yard ramps are available in 30' and 36' lengths without wheel assemblies (Subtract $1,026 from price).


The optional ramp clamp assists operator in moving the Yard ramp over short distances. Forklift tine inserts into the swiveling lift loop and is secured by a locking device.

  • Serrated for Traction
  • Self-Cleaning

Serrated grating enables great traction and the open design of the grating prevents pooling of water, snow, oil, grease and miscellaneous debris. The lower end approach plate provides maximum support and smooth transition onto the ramp grating surface.

  • Heavy-duty formed steel side girders provide main load-bearing capability
  • Steel side girders welded to steel Z members form a superior frame

Multiple Z cross members are welded to the side girders, then self-cleaning steel grating is welded to the Z members to form a one-piece unitized Yard Ramp.

Safety Chain

Standard safety chains hold Yard ramp securely to the trailer or dock.

Tow Bar

The optional towbar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to the Yard ramp and makes towing over long distances practical. A quick disconnect feature improves handling efficiency .

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