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    Transformers Decepticon Megatron standup standee cutout

    Our Price:£24.99


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    Transformers Decepticon Megatron standup standee cutout
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    Transformers - Megatron Lifesize Standee / Standup

    The vicious Decepticon Megatron has been designed to stand alongside Optimus Prime, also available (see our eBay shop or our other listings), in the same scale. Optimus is taller as he's holding his gun in the air!

    Megatron features artwork commissioned from fan favourites Simon Williams(artist) and Jason Cardy (colourist). The classic Generation One style artwork makes this a great gift for 80s nostalgists and Transformer fans alike!

    Megatron is perhaps the greatest Decepticon leader in Transformer history. He has led his group of soldiers into battle against the Autobots on numerous ocasions, but they have always been defeated...

    Megatron stands approximately 5'10 (179 cms) tall.

    Mounted on die cut card with card-easel back to create this great card replica. You'll love this fantastic Transformers collector's item of Megatron.

    Standups make a great display piece for your room. A must for all fans of Transformers.

    Transformers - Megatron Lifesize Standee / Standup

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    Home  > Life Size Standups - Standees
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