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18" Jujube Carved Wood Rosary 10mm Beads Cross Paters

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18" Jujube Carved Wood Rosary 10mm Beads Cross Paters
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Jujube Carved Wood Rosary with 10 mm beads. Carved Cross Paters
Hand carved Crucifix and Medallion. Carved beads. Corded. 18" Long.

What is Jujube Wood?
There are about 100 species of jujube composed of trees and shurbs found primarily in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Christ's Thorn Jujube (Ziziphus spina-christi) is one of these. This spiny tree grows in Israel in all valleys and lowlands. The tree and its parts appear to have been used in Pharaonic industry (carpentry), medicine and diet. In Christian Tradition the tree was identified with the thorn bush with which Jesus was crowned before His Crucifixion. (Matt 27, 28-29, John 19:5, Mark 15:17) This is also the source for the scientific name spina-christi. Christian pilgrims took branches of the tree back to their homeland as souvenirs in the belief that Jesus' Crown of Thorns was made from such branches. The wood is heavy and durable and serves for artistic woodwork.

18" Jujube Carved Wood Rosary Large 10mm Beads


18" Jujube Carved Wood Rosary 10mm Beads 12 mm Paters


18" Jujube Carved Wood Rosary 8mm Beads 10mm Paters


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