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24" Saint Fiacre Bronze Finish Catholic Garden Statue

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24" Saint Fiacre Bronze Finish Catholic Garden Statue
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Saint Fiacre
24" Bronze Finish Garden Statue
Patron Saint of Gardeners, Herbalists, Florists, Potters

Every statue is molded directly from the original sculptures and cast in durable polyvinyl resin. Then each statue is meticulously painted with multi-colored details. Lightweight and unbreakable, all religious motifs are designed for indoor/outdoor display use. Fill with sand or gravel to weigh down and keep in place. All are a fine choice for homes, churches, and outdoor grottos.
Shipping is estimated for the continental United States. Slightly higher to AK, HI, PR

Saint Fiacre, one of the most venerated saints of medieval France, was actually born in Ireland. He and his companions arrived in France in 626 where he built a hermitage. According to legend, the Bishop offered Saint Fiacre as much land as he could dig in a day. A local woman complained that he was digging too rapidly, and thereafter Fiacre excluded all women from his chapel on pain of blindness or madness. Not only did he have a sense of humor, but Fiacre was skilful in cultivating plants, many with medicinal properties, and he is patron saint of France's gardeners.

He quickly acquired a reputation for sanctity and for miraculous healing powers. So often did he cure one ailment, an ulcerous condition, that it became known as Saint Fiacre's Disease. He was probably the first abbot to set up a hospice for Irish pilgrims, often as penniless as they were numerous, beside his monastery. A curved stone on which he had once sat attracted pilgrims seeking relief from hemorrhoids.

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