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DC Comics Spinner's Galaxy #5 rare!

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DC Comics Spinner's Galaxy #5 rare!
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DC Comics Spinner's Galaxy #5

Finally clearing out the comics! Please understand, I am not a professional comic collector or trader. I do not grade issues, I just let you know what I am selling. I do this as a hobby and my feedback is very good. There are two groups of comics that I have, one is a box I have had since I was a kid. These are mostly marvel and have mostly stayed in the same box and have travelled with me back and forth across the country, in storage units, closets, etc. I have no idea of their worth but I figure they're decent. I am 40 now and it's time to move on, grow up, whatever. The second group came from a closed down comic book store in Costa Mesa CA. Most of these seem to be "direct sales" editions. There are all kinds of comics here. I really don't know much about these at all. I am going to try to group them by related titles and will have a lot of single editions, because there are a lot of duplicates here. I have broken these into lots. There are some really old ones, and though some do not look great, though they still read well. These are final sale, so please look carefully before you bid. I think they are all OK - good considering the age. Most are in plastic with a board, they would definately fix the hole in your collection. Be sure to check out our other ongoing auctions and store sale items. Larger scans are available upon request.

This lot contains:
From the store:
DC Comics:
Spinner's Galaxy #5.

One (1) comic.

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