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    Denmark - KKF Charity Poster Stamp - H C Andersen

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    Denmark - KKF Charity Poster Stamp - H C Andersen
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    Country: Denmark
    Organization Name: KKF - Københavns Kommunelærerforenings Feriekoloni
    Year: 1928
    Denomination: 25 øre
    Catalogue #: Begtrup 42.22
    Description: At the end of the 19th century a movement was begun in Denmark to provide vacation and summer camps for children living in cities. Mostly these camps were for less fortunate children, and the camps provided them with an opportunity to spend vacation time in pleasant surroundings, with many activities provided for them. The camps were generally run by the various community school systems, and largely staffed by teachers and school administrators. Funding these camps was always difficult, and many of them created velgørenheds- or forenings- mærker (charity or association stamps) to sell in order to raise funds. The KKF (Københavns Kommunelærerforenings Feriekoloni) or Copenhagen Community Schoolteachers Association Vacation Camp was one such group. They issued a series of stamps, starting in 1921, for sale to raise funds. There were four new designs issued each year, and starting in 1923 the stamps depicted scenes from various Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales. This stamp is from the 1928 issue and depicts a scene from the story Lykkens Kalosker or in Modern Danish Lykkens Galocher (The Galoshes of Fortune).
    Image Size: 24x31mm.

    Keywords/Topics: poster stamps vignettes reklamemarke samlermærke advertising exhibition seal label cinderella charity

    Home  > Charity - Misc.  > Product Information

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