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    France - CNEP - Postal Savings 1883 - EV12 - 200 Francs

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    France - CNEP - Postal Savings 1883 - EV12 - 200 Francs
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    Country: France
    Duty Type: Postal Savings
    Year: 1883
    Denomination: 200 Francs
    Color(s): Blue & Black
    Catalogue #: Yvert EV 12
    Description: These stamps were placed in use 1 April 1883, based on a law passed 3 August 1882. Some values were retired after only two years, and the use of these stamps was discontinued completely in July 1889. Generally, Postal Savings Stamps were a vehicle for people, who would otherwise not have access to bank accounts, to save money by purchasing the stamps and affixing them into booklets. The filled booklets were later exchanged for funds deposited into an account or the purchase of a bond or other security instrument. The system in France only utilized stamps for a short period of time, so the stamps are now very scarce. These stamps consist of a background of the following words: "République Française-Ministère des Postes et Télégraphes-Caisse d'Epargne Postale" in very smal type repeated continuously, with a large white representation of the numeral of value. The Value, in words, plus "Sign.:" is overprinted in black. The stamps were cancelled with a manuscript signature, plus postal cancel, plus number and or name of the receiving office. Imperforate; VF used. Yvert 2004 CV €75
    Image Size: 36x20 mm.

    Keywords/Topics: revenue fiscal stamp duty tax cinderella

    Home  > Postal Savings Stamps  > Product Information

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