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    Luggage Label - G.Brit. - Piccadilly Hotel - London

    Our Price:$7.50


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    Luggage Label - G.Brit. - Piccadilly Hotel - London
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    Country: Great Britain
    City: London
    Hotel Name: Piccadilly Hotel
    Artist Name: unknown
    Description: Die-cut in the shape of a crown.
    Label Orientation & Shape: Horizontal - shape.
    Label Condition:  Fine (See note below about condition)
    Label Size: 100x70 mm.

    Keywords/Topics: hotel motel inn luggage baggage label sticker

    Note about condition: 
       Fair:  May have stains, discolorations, tears, heavy creases, pieces missing, etc. Usually only acceptable for rarer pieces.
       Good:  May have slight discolorations, thins, tears, creases but is intact and attractive.
       Fine:  Will have only very minor detractions that do not affect the image portion of the label. May or may not have gum.
       Superb:  No faults or markings at all, complete gum (if issued with gum), bright fresh colors - looks as if it "just came from the printer".
    Collectors marks:  It is quite common to find luggage/baggage labels with names and addresses stamped on the reverse. These are called collectors marks and are generally acceptable in all grades except superb.

    Home  > Die-Cut  > Product Information

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