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RL Drake 2-B Communications General Coverage Receiver in Good Condition!

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RL Drake 2-B Communications General Coverage Receiver in Good  Condition!
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This RL Drake 2-B Communications General Coverage Receiver, is in Good Condition! It is Serial number 7457.

This receiver is in good Condition.The front panel is very nice. The cabinet has some minor marks from normal use. The Chassis has some spots of corrosion. Everything under the chassis is fine and the receiver operates like a new one. For some reason the chassis really got discolored on this one but it is hard to see through the cabinet.

This consignment Item is part of the K9RJ (Jim Jorgensen's) Estate. It is being sold for his family, as is and as described. Please see the "ME" Page on the ebay account ke9pq-k9rj for more information.

This RL Drake 2-B, has been fully checked over by Jim Millsap "W9CTO", who does all of my service work. The receiver has had a full alignment and everything is at or better than factory specifications. The electrolytic capacitors have been checked and any components found to be out of spec. have been replaced.

In addition, all the switches, contacts, and potentiometers have been carefully cleaned with De-Ox-Id contact cleaner.

If you are looking for a vintage Tube Type receiver that is compact and has excellent performance, you will be hard pressed to find one better than the Drake 2-B.

I will include a professional reproduction of the service/operation manual.

The DRAKE 2-B is an extremely versatile communication receiver designed to bring you top performance in reception of all modes of amateur transmission in a compact package.

Basically , it is a triple conversion super heterodyne receiver employing crystal controlled high frequency oscillators, a highly stable variable oscillator tuning the same range on all bands, and for selectivity a steep-sided L-C filter at the 50 Kc I.F.

The receiver provides front panel control of a wide variety of functions such as band width, AVC time constants, type of detector used, and variable pass-band tuning for Single Sideband reception at its best. Switching is also available on the front panel for such optional equipment as a Q-Multiplier and Crystal Calibrator.

Separate tuning of the RF stage assists in peaking the receiver on the desired signal. Amplified , delayed action AVC with a selection of the proper time constants for your individual application add further to the set�s versatility. A direct reading 7 inch slide rule dial together with adjustable subdividing scale on the main tuning dial provide easy and accurate frequency readings on all ham bands. A logging scale is also provided for reading frequency of additional 600 Kc wide bands which may be added b y purchase of accessory crystals. Five of these bands can be set-up at a time and selected by the band switch. Separate detectors are provided for best performance whether listening to AM, CW, or SSB.


OPERATING RANGE: Twelve 600 kc segments may be selected between 3.5 and 30 mc. As originally supplied , crystals are provided for five ham band ranges : 80 meters (3.5 - 4.1 mc), 40 meters (6 9 - 7.5 mc), 20 meters (13.9 - 14.5 mc), 15 meters (20.9 - 21.5 mc), 10 meters (28.5 - 29.1 mc). Band switch provides for addition of two ham ranges (28.0 - 28.6 mc) and (29.1 - 29.7 mc) and up to five universal ranges with accessory crystals to cover the frequencies desired. ( WWW, MARS, Citizens band, etc .)

MODE: Selectable Single Sideband with product detector, Amplitude Modulation with diode or product detector, CW with either detector,

SELECTIVITY: .5 kc at 6 db down, 2.75 kc at 60 db down; 2.1 kc at 6 db down, 7.5 kc at 60 db down; �3.6 at 6 db down, 10.5 kc at 60 db down. Selectivity switching is independent of detector switching.

SPURIOUS RESPONSES: Image rejection more than 60 db; IF rejection more than 60 db on ham ranges; Interna1 spurious signals within ham bands less than that from a 1 micro volt antenna signal.

FREQUENCY STABILITY: Less than 400 cycles warm up; less than 100 cycles after warm up; less than 100 cycles for 10% line voltage change.

DIAL CALIBRATION: 10 kc main dial division; approximately 1 kc Vernier dial divisions; Both main dial and Vernier adjustable for calibration purposes.

SENSITIVITY: Less than 1/2 micro volt for 10 db signal to noise. AVC: Amplified, delayed AVC having .75 sec or .025 sec discharge; less than 100 microsecond charge. AUDIO OUTPUT: One watt maximum, .2 watt at AVC threshold .

AUDIO DISTORTION: Less than 3% harmonic, , less than 1/2 % inter modulation.

TUBES : 6BZ6 RF Amplifier; 6U8 crystal controlled 1st mixer; 6BE6 VF0 controlled 2nd converter; 6BE6 fixed frequency 3rd converter; 6BA6 50 kc IF amplifier; 6BE6 Product Detector and BFO; 8BN8 1st audio amplifier, bias rectifier and AM noise limiter; 6AQ5 audio output; 6BF6 AVC Amplifier-Diode detector-and AVC rectifier; 6X4 Rectifier.

POWER CONSUMPTION: 40 watts, 120 volts 60 cycle AC.

DIMENSIONS : 12" wide X 7" high X 9" deep. WEIGHT : 14.5 pounds.


2-LF Low Frequency Converter

2-NB Noise Blanker

2-AC Crystal Calibrator

2-BQ Q-Multiplier

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RL Drake 2-B Communications General Coverage Receiver Late Serial # Nice!


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