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Collins 32S-3 NEW Capacitor Replacement Kit Including Chassis Mount Multi Can

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Collins 32S-3 NEW Capacitor Replacement Kit Including Chassis Mount Multi Can
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This Collins NEW Capacitor Replacement Kit Includes the custom made, Chassis Mount Multi value Can, as well as the other new, modern capacitors you will need to bring your vintage Collins Radio up to Specifications.

Many have recapped their Collins radios with this kit and have found that even though the components they replaced measured within tolerances, there was a great performance improvement which would indicate the older capacitors were leaky.

Why wait till a capacitor fails to replace them? A failure of this type could take out other components which may not be easy to find like power transformers and other hard to find parts.

Each Capacitor kit comes with a data sheet which indicates the schematic designation part number so you can see just where to replace each capacitor.

The custom made chassis mount multi value capacitor can, is made to look just like the original. this eliminates the need to hang replacement capacitors under the chassis which looks messy and unprofessional.

This kit provide the convenience of not having to order the small individual capacitors, and the opportunity to receive the custom built chassis mount multi value capacitor can which are not readily available.

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