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    Visit Our Site www.djdminis.com

    DJD Miniatures painting service provides quality custom or commission figure painting, offers pre-painted miniatures for sale, and has a line of scenery and terrain items. We paint for the Wargamer and the Collector in many scales including 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 54mm and 120mm.

    We paint figures for all eras and genres including: Ancients ( DBA & DBM ), Medieval, Napoleonics, American Revolutionary War ( AWI ), American Civil War ( ACW ), WWI, WWII, Modern, Fantasy ( Warhammer and Warmaster ), Science Fiction ( Warhammer 40K ) to name just a few.
    Please have a look through our site and feel free to send us an email with any questions




    Historically Accurate
    Meticulously Painted Figures

    DJD Miniatures
    is a company owned and operated by collectors who cater to the
    discerning, yet cost conscious customer and also the collector who
    expects superior custom
    work. We specialize in American Civil War, American Revolutionary
    War, Napoleonic, Ancients, and Fantasy
    figures (Warhammer) but we cover many periods and ranges of figures as
    well: World War I, World War II, historical miniatures, collectible
    figures, and dioramas. We strive to satisfy both the wargamer and the

    DJD Miniatures particularly prides itself
    for being able to supply painted high quality custom figures in a
    short amount of time. We have one of the fastest turn around times in
    the market for custom work. We can turn work out quickly because we have
    a large staff of well trained and talented artists.

    Please browse through our store front to
    see the latest items we have for sale and on auction. You can purchase
    an item using the Click-Out feature for this store front. If you have
    troubles doing so please contact us at:

    To find out more about who we are and to
    see samples of our work visit us at our website -


    URL: www.djdminis.com

    Painted Miniature Figures and Custom Painting Service

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