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Preserving Catholic Traditions for Tomorrow's Faithful

Everything You Need to Keep Catholic Traditions Alive
in the Catholic Home and Parish

Catholic Home and Garden is dedicated to the
preservation of Roman Catholic customs and traditions in the home and parish.

Since 1998, our family has rescued vintage Catholic devotional and ecclesiastical items
to prevent them from falling into profane use or inappropriate disposal
by offering them for sale to other Catholics.

These devotional items come from the estates of deceased Catholic laity
and deceased or retired Priests and Religious Sisters as well as parishes
and Catholic schools that have been forced to close.

Among these items are an extensive assortment of Catholic statuary of Jesus, the Virgin Mary,
and the Saints and other Catholic artifacts. Many of these come to us
 in extremely damaged condition. We carefully restore them and bring them
back to a beautiful state for continued devotional use.
We assist parishes and Catholic religious institutions and orders with fund raising
and restoration by placing surplus religious goods in settings where they will be used in faith or origin.

"Retired" and New Ecclesiastical Appointments for
Clergy, Convents, Missions and Catholic Parishes and Chapels

New Titles Every Week!
Specializing in New and Out of Print Catholic Books
Missals, Prayer Books, Bibles, Sacramentaries, Lectionaries and Reference

Foreign Language Titles in
Latin, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German and French

Indoor and Outdoor Catholic Statues of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Saints and Angels

Large Church Staturary from Catholic Parishes and Convents

Crucifixes, Rosaries, Holy Medals, Scapulars, Holy Cards
Holy Water Fonts, Incense, Cencers, Mantillas, Chapel Veils
Catholic Greeting Cards, Vestments, Monstrances, Reliquaries, Chalices, Ciboria
Altar Linens, Traditional Catholic Art, Tapestries, Icons
Sick Call Sets and Rare Sacramentals.

We offer Antiquarian, Out-of-Print, and Hard-to-Find Catholic books
from the estates of Priests,Nuns and Catholic families
on virtually every topic relating to our Faith.

Affordable used books as well as new Catholic titles
reflecting solidly traditional Catholic teaching.

Angels and Demons ~ Apparitions ~ Bargains Under $5
Catechisms ~  Cathedrals and Shrines ~ Church History
Catholic Life ~ Catholic Culture and Traditions
Comparative Religion ~ Confession ~ Death and Dying
Illness and Suffering ~ Eucharistic Devotions ~ Gregorian Chant
Healing and Miracles ~ Lay Movements ~ Third Orders
Life of Christ ~ Literature ~ Liturgy ~ Magazines and Journals
Marian Devotions ~ Virgin Mary ~ Mystics ~ Missals
Popes ~ Nuns ~ Priests ~ Vocations
Sacraments ~ Saints and Beati ~ Spirituality
Spiritual Advice ~ Theology ~ Morality ~ and much more.

As an established and well-trusted Catholic business,
we are the primary sourcefor Catholic antiquities
from many Catholic estates in the New York Metropolitan area.

Be sure to browse our Vintage Catholic section for hard-to-find items from our Catholic past.
Perhaps, like many of our customers, you will find a precious item
that recalls the Catholic faith of your childhood.

Catholic Home and Garden also represents individual parishes, religious orders
and members of the clergy as a fund-raising assistant.
We take pride in assisting in the placement of surplus religious goods
into continued service within the Faith of origin.

If you think that we can be of assistance to you with the restoration of sacred spaces
or to address fund-raising concerns, please feel free to inquire.

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Support a Seminarian section at Catholic Home and Garden.
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occasional slow-load time that comes with cross-referencing everything we have.
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Whether or not you shop here, we hope that you will find a little inspiration
to let your dwelling place speak of your faith.
You never know what soul God may place on your doorstep.


Preserving Catholic Traditions for Tomorrow's Faithful