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    Ideal for local historians, railroad buffs, genealogists, treasure hunters and relic hunters!  Shows portions of the Sacandaga River and the West Branch Sacandaga River, the town of Lake Pleasant and the smaller townships of Gilmantown, Alvord PO, Wells, Blackbridge, Whitehouse, Benson and Benson Center!  Other locations of interest include Vly Lake, Sacandaga Lake, Mud Pond, Lake Pleasant, Fish Mountain, Oxbow Lake, Little Lake, Hamilton Lake, Sand Lake, Guideboard Hill, Gilman Lake, Dunning Pond, Charley Lake, Elbow Mountain, Lake Chartreuse, Swart Mountain, Southerland Mountain, Moose Creek, Moose Mountain, Canary Pond, Helldevil Dam, Ross Lake, Rock Lake, Woods Lake, Cathead Mountain, several camps and more!  There are no railroads on this map.  Listed as the NEW YORK - HAMILTON COUNTY - LAKE PLEASANT QUADRANGLE.  This is an authentic 1904 survey (edition of February 1907, reprinted in 1939) U.S.G.S. Topographical Map reproduced in black and white and distributed by the Midcontinent Map Company until my father bought out their inventory back in the mid '80s. These maps are not available anywhere else! If you are a serious relic hunter these maps can be invaluable!  Also shows individual buildings, roads, railways and the topography of the land at the time of the survey. Shows towns that no longer exist and the then current layout of all creeks and waterways. A great tool for locating ghost towns and Civil War campsites! Actual size of map is 16 1/2" x 20" with viewable portion being 12 3/4" X 17 1/2". The scale is 1/62500 which is approximately 1 mile equals one inch.

    This map is a more modern copy, is crystal clear and is in mint condition!

    Covers latitude 43 degrees 15' to 43 degrees 30' and longitude 74 degrees 15' to 74 degrees 30'. Adjoins the Indian Lake quadrangle (north), the Thirteenth Lake quadrangle (northeast), the Gloversville quadrangle (south), the Lassellsville quadrangle (southwest), the Piseco Lake quadrangle (west), and the West Canada Lakes quadrangle (northwest), which I also have listed!

    Home  > Northeast > New York  > Product Information
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