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    Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece 11B4

    Our Price: $19.99


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    Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece 11B4
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    Yamaha Trumpet Mouthpiece 11B4

    Rim Inner Diameter: 16.46 mm, Contour: semi-flat, Thickness: standard
    Cup Depth: semi-shallow
    Throat: 3.65 mm
    Backbone: semi-narrow
    A somewhat shallow cup and medium rim for extra endurance. Brilliant tone. Comparable to a Bach 7D

    On the Canadian Brass web site is the following comment: " The 11B4 is amazingly versatile. Though perfect for beginners, I've used it in my own playing with the Brass."

    This lot of mouthpieces came from Yamaha trumpets where someone wanted a different mouthpiece than the standard 11B4 mouthpiece. That is why I am listed them as "New-Other".


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    Home  > Brass - Mouthpieces  > Product Information

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