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Self Coaching Cards Beautiful Professional Design #39

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Self Coaching Cards Beautiful Professional Design #39
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The Question is the Answer...

Coaching Cards

coaching works

Coaching effectively creates new ways of thinking through a questioning approach. When new ways of thinking are created, new possibilities, options and strategies become apparent.

Lindsay Tighe has developed a unique set of Self Coaching Cards that will help YOU to move forward with your life - order your pack TODAY! (for 3 sets, please see link at bottom of this page).

"To have a better life we must
keep choosing how we are living."
- Einstein

Coaching Cards

Purchase Self Coaching Cards packs online...

Self Coaching Cards

"People have innate knowledge; they just need to be asked the right question."
- Plato
coaching works

Lindsay Tighe has designed a unique boxed set of 48 Self Coaching Cards that are now available for purchase online.

These inspirational and beautifully designed cards ask you the right questions to get better answers and choose a more fulfilled and meaningful life. This easy to use deck will make you stop and think about various aspects of your life and find the answers that are within you.

Each card relates to a particular area of your life and has an inspirational quote on one side and some thought provoking questions on the reverse.

Comments From
Coaches and Clients:

"I love them because they are so different to just a book of quotes - they make you come up with the answers."
- Louisa

"As a trainer, these cards encouraged participants to share, grow and learn from each...... very energising for the group."
- Lisa

"I flip a new one over every day to be "thoughtfully" inspired!"
- Angela

"The cards create a journey of self discovery in coming to an answer"
- Peter

"The cards have helped me work through some of the more difficult experiences I have had over the last couple of weeks."
- Bernadette


  1. Pick a card at random and take time to answer the questions on that card.
  2. Pick a card at random and take time to answer the one question on that card that resonates the most with you.
  3. Identify an area of your life that you would like to work on. Check the colour code for that area (eg green for Relationships or blue for Personal Growth) and choose the cards with that colour and answer the questions.
  4. Sit down with a partner and choose a specific card or at random and answer the questions from your heart. Your partner should encourage you to explore the question fully and help you to move forward with your thinking.
  5. Before you hire a coach, use the cards to identify some areas of your life that you want to start working on.
  6. Establish a "thinking support" group where you use the cards to prompt discussion and help each other to explore the topic and move forward to taking action.
  7. Use a card of interest to the group as a topic of conversation over dinner. Really explore possibilities/dreams/ideals/issues and create greater insight into the topic chosen.
  8. When you run out of conversation with your partner/spouse over dinner pick a card and enjoy the discussion!
  9. At New Year use the cards to help you assess where you are in your life and to determine some areas you want to change. Build your New Year resolutions around the new choices you want to make to create this change.
  10. Before you jump in the shower in the morning pick a card and spend your shower time thinking over the answers. Have a pad and pen handy to jot down any ideas you might have once you get out of the shower.

  • LINDSAY TIGHE: These unique cards were developed by Lindsay Tighe who has over 16 years experience in hands-on leadership roles in the Corporate world and 5 years as a professional coach. Lindsay has managed large teams where she was an integral part in people's career and life progression and has trained and inspired thousands of people in her workshops to move forward in their life. She has recently completed an MBA with Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Lindsay has been written about in Qantas Magazine, August 2004, New Idea "Are You A Human Jigsaw? October 30, 2004", Woman's Day "5 Ways To Make Holiday Happiness Last All Year".

  • (3 sets available less 15%, total $83.97 + p&h #10.70.)
    Weight: 50gms
    Size: 10 x 7 cm
    If you require more than one of these please see shop or contact us.
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