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    Vindicator On-Off Safety Valve Handle for Scuba Diving

    Our Price:$19.95


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    Vindicator On-Off Safety Valve Handle for Scuba Diving
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    On-Off Safety Valve Handle
    for Scuba Diving

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    "Vindicator" On-Off Safety Valve Handle
    for Scuba Diving
    Ever Wonder Whether Your Air is "On" or "Off" Before Entering the Water?
    Don't dive Without Being Sure Ever Again!!!

    Click on the YouTube Video above to see a demonstration of the
    "Vindicator" Safety Valve Handle and learn how easy it is to install on your scuba tank valve.

    Quality Scuba equipment for the entire family....

    The "Vindicator" Safety Valve Handle was designed to be an easy to read safety device designed to prevent divers from starting a dive with their air partially turned on or shut off completely.

    The "Vindicator" Safety Valve Handle is an easy way to reassure yourself and fellow divers whether your air is turned on or off.

    Dive with Confidence!

    Dive Safe!

    Replace your old valve handles with new "Vindicator" Safety Valve Handles today!

    This "Vindicator" Safety Valve Handle is easily retrofitted to the following valves on the market....





    Sherwood 4000

    Sherwood 5000


    XS Scuba

    Please contact us if your valve is not on the list above.
    We can provide "Vindicator" Safety Valve Handles
    for every Scuba Diving Tank Valve on the market.

    "MyScubaShop - 32 Years Experience"
    Since 1978

    Home  > Valves  > Product Information
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