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    New Aeris - Oceanic Scuba Diving Wrist Compass

    Our Price:$64.95


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    New Aeris - Oceanic Scuba Diving Wrist Compass
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    New Aeris-Oceanic
    Scuba Diving Wrist Compass
    Find your way!!!

    Top or Side Reading....

    One of the most important skills in diving is navigation and for accurate navigation, you need a compass that is not only accurate but quick responding and easy to read and use.

    This SideScan Compass is hard to beat. Large, easy-to-read bearing indicators on an extremely bright luminescent floating card make quick work of navigation, especially in limited visibility.

    With a side reading compass, the diver is able to hold the compass level and still be able to easily read the headings through the cut out window on the side.

    This versatile compass module may also be used with a clip mount boot for attachment to your BCD, placed into a hose mount or "popped" into an assortment of instrument consoles.

    Features & Benefits....

    Proprietary design ensures quick response and smooth movement

    Top or side reading

    Luminescent floating card absorbs light and glows approximately 7 times faster and longer than other materials

    High visibility lubber line

    Large ratcheting bezel

    Direct and reciprocal index points

    Since both Aeris and Oceanic wrist compasses are identical (except for the name), we reserve the right to send either brand. However, if you prefer one brand over the other, please indicate your choice of Manufacturer in the "Special Instructions" section when you checkout through our online payment system or simply add a note to your PayPal payment.

    It is extremely important that you make your purchase from an Authorized Aeris or Oceanic Scuba Retailer....

    To ensure that you receive appropriate product support and maintenance service on your Aeris or Oceanic Scuba products, it is necessary that you purchase Aeris and Oceanic Scuba products only from Authorized Aeris and Oceanic Scuba retailers. Manufacturer's warranties on Aeris and Oceanic Scuba products are valid only if purchased from an Authorized Aeris or Oceanic Scuba retailer.

    Home  > Compasses  > Product Information
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