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    PADI OpenWater CrewPak w/RDP Table & LogBook - 60300

    Our Price:$63.95


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    PADI OpenWater CrewPak w/RDP Table & LogBook - 60300
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    New PADI OpenWater CrewPak
    with RDP Table & LogBook

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    New PADI "OpenWater" CrewPak
    with RDP Table & LogBook

    11 Available CrewPaks to Choose From....

    English Imperial (60300)
    English Metric (61301)
    Spanish Imperial (60300S)
    Spanish Metric (61301S)
    Chinese Metric (61301C)
    Dutch Metric (61301DU)
    French Metric (61301F)
    German Metric (61301G)
    Japanese Metric (61301J)
    Korean Metric (61301K)
    Portuguese Metric (61301P)

    "MyScubaShop - Since 1978"
    32 Years Experience

    MyScubaShop proudly offers the PADI Open Water Dive Manual in an easy to read and follow step-by-step text book which is designed to give the student the fastest and safest system to completing an Open Water Dive Course. Also included is everyone's favorite "blue log".... now printed in full color on non-smear recycled paper

    Included in Your PADI OW CrewPak....

    Open Water Diver Manual

    Dive Tables flow chart

    Blue logbook

    Student record file

    PADI transparent decal

    Continuing education brochure

    PADI Diving Society Application

    Please note that the Buyer has the choice of their CrewPak in either the imperial or the metric version and also in different languages. As the Buyer, please indicate your choice in the "Special Instructions" section when you checkout through our online automated payment system or simply add a note to your PayPal payment. If you do not indicate which CrewPak you prefer, we will attempt to contact you by email or telephone within 10 business days following receipt of your order.

    Home  > PADI: All > PADI: Crewpaks  > Product Information
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