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    Aeris Super Savings Scuba Diving Package -Save $677

    Our Price:$1,487.00


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    Aeris Super Savings Scuba Diving Package -Save $677
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    AERIS "Super Savings"
    Scuba Diving Package
    More than 31% Off & Over $677 in Savings!!!

    AERIS "AT400 ION DVT" Regulator

    AERIS "A1" Octo

    AERIS Air Intergrated "Atmos AI" Personal Dive Computer

    AERIS "5 Oceans" BCD

    AERIS "Commander" Wheeled Duffel Roller Gear Bag

    The following AERIS "Super Savings" Scuba Diving Package plus FREE Bag is being offered at the low, low internet price of only $1,487.00....
    more than 31% off and over $677 in savings!!!

    Do the math!

    If purchased separately, the MSRP of these five items totals $2,164.75.
    That's an unbelievable savings of over $677 for this entire Oceanic package.

    The "Super Savings" Package
    consists of the following five items....

    AERIS "AT400 ION DVT" Regulator....

    Every Breath is a Dream Come True....

    After four years of development, AERIS is proud to introduce the ultimate mini-breather. Scoring off the charts in Scuba Diving Magazine's Scuba Lab Regulator Review, the "AT400 ION" performs outstanding compared to its competition.

    "The ION feels light in the mouth due to its small size and ABS/Polycarbonate composite construction, plus it's a great breather, as evidenced by perfect scores on the ANSTI breathing machine."

    -- Scuba Diving Magazine's 2008 Scuba Lab Review

    The pneumatically balanced demand valve along with a highly responsive design allows this regulator to provide a high volume of airflow with even the slightest inhalation effort.... making it seem nearly effortless to breathe at any depth. All in a second stage barely wider than the mouthpiece? The "ION" means business as it comes equipped for any type of dive conditions, cold or warm. Following the rules of the sea, or should we say the rules of the C: Compact - Comfortable - Customizable; the "ION" is a diver's dream.


    Patented Dynamic Adjustment automatically maintains inhalation effort throughout the dive

    Adjustable venturi switch for dive/pre-dive adjustment

    Nitrox compatible to 40%

    Patented orthodontic mouthpiece with high density bite tabs

    Rugged, lightweight 5.4 ounce second stage with extremely small 2.3� wide outer ring

    4 LP ports, 2 HP ports for maximum hose placement

    DVT eliminates corrosion of critical internal components, bacteria, hose deterioration, and damaged gauges and computers

    AERIS "A1" Octo....

    The Ultimate Performance to Value Ratio....

    The low-profile "A1" Octo is a great performer at a great price. Known by divers and technicians worldwide as durable and lightweight.... it is easy to maintain and service.


    Conventional second stage without diver adjustment


    Nitrox compatible to 40%

    Rugged and dependable

    AERIS Air-Intergrated
    "Atmos AI"
    Personal Dive Computer....

    Compact Air Integrated Computer....

    The "ATMOS AI" is a very small, compact console.... yet, the information is displayed with large, easy to read digits. It also has a dependable and accurate compass along with a convenient and easy to use quick disconnect.


    Air time and no-deco/deco time

    Nitrox programmable

    PC Downloadable

    Water and manual activation

    Safety stop count-down timer

    Audible and visual alarms

    User-replaceable batteries

    AERIS "5 Oceans" QLR BCD....

    The Ultimate Cross-Over or Dual Purpose BCD.....

    Traveling 20 miles to a local coldwater dive site or packed away for the tropical trip of a lifetime, the "5 Oceans" performs phenomenally in all conditions.

    The "5 Oceans" is prepared for any adventure - it's lightweight and packs flat for travel to the tropics and at the same time, has plenty of buoyant lift, integrated weight capacity and range of adjustment to be worn in cold water over thick wetsuits or drysuits.


    Rugged design and high lift capacity for local diving plus packs flat for travel and weighs just 7.5 lbs

    Minimalist rear inflation air cell uses a combination of Patented BioFlex® Super-Stretch material and bungy cords to maintain a streamlined profile and eliminate air shift while expanding when inflated to provide more than 40 lbs. of buoyant lift

    Durable, fadeless Cordura® construction

    Equipped with two trim weight pockets and AERIS' QLR Integrated Weight System that can accommodate up to 30 lbs

    Weight pockets are sectionalized with velcro to eliminate shifting when partially loaded in the tropics

    Versatile power inflation/deflation with lower pull-dump control

    Easy to use drop-down pocket

    Strategically placed stainless steel grommets for accessories

    Dual-adjust sternum strap for stability and comfort

    AERIS "Commander" Wheeled Duffel
    Roller Gear Bag....

    Rolling with Style....

    Locked and loaded for an undisclosed destination, count on the "Commander" bag to protect your travel gear with an easily-accessible main compartment that can carry a full set of gear and clothing. Ultra-durable all-terrain wheels and stainless steel axles make this rugged rolling system a breeze for travel.

    A 2-position telescoping tow handle and multiple handle grabs make managing this bag a pleasure through bumps and turns. Fully loaded with dive gear, clothes and treasures.... this bag is ready to roll.


    All-terrain wheels are ultra-durable and make short, smooth work of stairs, curbs, and other obstacles in its path

    2-Position telescoping handle

    Large self-healing YKK zippers with pull tabs

    Large internal compartment protects and organizes gear, clothing, and smaller items

    Dual external zippered fin pockets

    Dimensions: 31 " x 13 " x 17"

    PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any AERIS product online from a site that does not display an "Authorized Dealer" logo such as the one above, you are purchasing from a non-authorized dealer. When you choose to buy from a non-authorized dealer claiming to carry AERIS products, you are taking a RISK! How do you know what you're getting? Or even if you'll get anything at all? Save yourself time, money, and embarrassment.


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