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    New Tilos Scuba Diving Protective Mask Case

    Our Price:$9.95


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    New Tilos Scuba Diving Protective Mask Case
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    New "Tilos" Heavy Duty
    Scuba Diving Protective Mask Case
    Protects Your Mask During Transport
    And in Between Dives

    We are extremely proud to offer a Brand New "Tilos" Scuba Diving Protective Mask Case. This heavy duty protective Case will keep your mask safe and sound while traveling to your exotic destination.

    When traveling on an airplane, have you ever seen the inside of your plane's cargo hold? Well, when you get a chance to look inside and see the thousands of pounds of luggage.... and then you see your dive bag on the bottom of the pile.... you'll quickly realize why it is so important to properly pack your valuable dive equipment correctly.

    In our dive center, we have approximately ten scuba masks in for repair at any one time. The majority of the repairs could have been prevented if the diver had only chosen to place their mask in their protective case.

    The same goes for when you are out on a dive boat. As soon as you come up from the dive, the first place your mask should go is back in its protective case.

    Besides masks, we also recommend placing any other small delicate items in your protective mask case.

    It's a small decision and a great dive-saver any way you look at it!

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    Home  > Masks: All > Masks: Accessories  > Product Information
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