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    50 Million Year Old Wyoming Fossil Fish - Pre-Megalodon

    Our Price:$9.95


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    50 Million Year Old Wyoming Fossil Fish - Pre-Megalodon
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    Rare Wyoming Fossil Fish
    Pre-Megalodon - 50 Million Years Old
    With a Beautiful Custom Acrylic Display Stand

    This Attractive & Glossy Information Card
    Is Also Included

    We are proud to offer an extremely rare 50 Million Year Old Fossil Fish from the Green River Formation in Lincoln County, Wyoming.

    About 50 million years ago, this fish swam in a fresh water lake located in Southwestern Wyoming. When the fish died, it sank to the bottom of the lake where it was quickly buried. The soft sediment encased the fish and as the rock hardened over time, the skeleton was preserved. This specimen was recently excavated from the hillside where additional careful and detailed work has resulted in capturing a piece of Wyoming's geological past.

    We are also offering our 100% Lifetime "Cash Buy-Back" Guarantee along with our Professional & beautiful Acrylic Display Stand!!! This means that for the rest of your life, we will offer to "Buy-Back" your fossil for the exact amount that you paid for it. Considering the fact that your investment is guaranteed for the rest of your life.... what's stopping you from making your purchase today?

    Please note that we have many fossil fish to offer that are in the 2" - 3" size range. However, please be assured that you will receive the same exact fossil fish that you see in the photo above.

    Have You ever Thought about Having Your Own Personal Set of the World's Most Professionally Made Magaoldon Jaws?

    Our jaws are displayed in many aquariums and museums around the world such as the Camden Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey and the Mystic Seaport Museum in Conneticut.

    If you are interested, prices are dependent on three variables....

    What size jaw do you want?

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    Do you want genuine Meg teeth or will you be satisfied with less expensive castings?

    Please feel free to contact us at Dive@MyScubaShop.com
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    Home  > Fossils > Fossils: Fish  > Product Information
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