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Vestil RR-78-30 Dock Leveler with Curb Angle

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Vestil RR-78-30 Dock Leveler with Curb Angle
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Mechanical Dockleveler (by Vestil Manufacturing)

Made in the U.S.A.

Longer lip to accomodate Refrigerated Trucks

  • Easy truck loading and unloading with this rugged dockleveler

  • Engineered and designed for minimum maintenance

  • Features a smooth operation... pulling recessed chain releases deck allowing it to go up

All heavy duty construction features 1⁄4" checkered plate deck (55,000 PSI) steel. 6" structural steel support understructure for long life. Lip is 20" long. Includes telescopic steel toe guards on both sides, flush with platform edge. Service range 12" above and below dock. Includes (2) laminated bumpers.

Capacity: 30,000 lbs

7' Wide x 8'4" Long

Pull Chain Operation


   Curb Angle Set (Subtract $200.00 if not needed; we'll credit)

   Vinyl Weather Stripping

    Notch for Trailer Lock (Sold Separately)

    20" Lip


Pit width is 86 inches
Pit length is 85 inches
Pit depth is 24 inches at front, 23 3/4 inches at back
Dock height is 48" (standard)
Vertical service range is 12 inches above & 12 inches below dock

**Single axle capacity not to exceed 70% of load

All structual steel construction; welding meets AWS, design, engineering and
fabrication complies with O.O.C. Comm. Std. CS 202-56, OSHA, &
ANSI MH14.1-1984


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