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Portable Loading Dock, 8'Wx8'L, 30,000 lbs

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Portable Loading Dock, 8'Wx8'L, 30,000 lbs
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Portable Loading Dock - Mobile Steel Platform

Steel Platforms are a perfect solution for remote shipping docks (loading docks). Our heavy line of steel decked solutions start at 16,000 lbs and go from there. Used one at a time or ganged for multiple dock positions, your shipping or receiving area can be enlarged quickly. 8" high curbs can be configured for your specific need.
Portable Loading Docks also known as Mobile Dock Platforms allow a forklift to make 90 degree turn into a truck and/or boxcar. Used primarily where space will not allow a standard Yard Ramp to be used.

Place a Bluff Portable Loading Dock in front of any dock or railcar door and you will be able to serve three loading/unloading positions at the same time. Portable Dock affords 90 degree turnability for safe forklift maneuvering. Portable Dock is a fast, economical way to expand your dock area and increase freight handling capabilities without the expense of site or concrete work.

Portable Docks can easily be relocated to other areas of your yard where a free-standing loading dock may be needed. This means more trucks or railcars can be serviced while freeing up other critical
dock doors. For remote areas, Portable Loading Docks along with a
Bluff Yard Ramp can serve as a satellite unloading area.

Optional adjustable, telescoping legs of 44" and 55" allow elevations to meet most dock height requirements.

Portable Loading Dock Models Available:

Model Number

Capacity (lbs)



Weight (lbs)

16SP88 16,0008'8'2,450
16SP810 16,0008'10'2,833
16SP812 16,0008'12'3,306
20SP88 20,0008'8'2,682
20SP810 20,0008'10'3,120
20SP812 20,0008'12'3,647
25SP88 25,0008'8'2,560
25SP810 25,0008'10'3,200
25SP812 25,0008'12'3,840
30SP88 30,0008'8'2800
30SP810 30,0008'10'3,500
30SP812 30,0008'12'4,200



Platform forklift pockets per pair:  Add $580.00

Adjustable legs for platform: Add $1,380.00

Handrail:  Call for pricing

Edge of Dock Levelers welded to platform: Call for pricing



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