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    Boyd Charming Angel Amissa Guardian of Friendship LQQK

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    Boyd Charming Angel Amissa Guardian of Friendship LQQK
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    1st Edition

    Boyds Guardian Angel

    of Friendship


    This FABULOUS Guardian Angel is wearing a soft color yellow long dress. She has iridescent crystallike wings. Her hands are filled with daisies. She has soft brown hair and very fine features.

    Amissa, the Guardian Angel of Friendship, is a guiding spirit that leads us on life's journey and sends us precious friends to lighten our load and share the joys along the way. She is present at the moment when two friends first meet and blesses the bonds of friendship as they bloom and grow. Through the ups and downs, Amissa is watching over, imparting understanding, compassion, patience, and love-qualities that strengthen and protect friendship. Amissa wears a cheerful gown of buttercup yellow and holds a bouquet of friendship flowers-delicate and dainty daisies!

    Amissa is a FIRST EDITION Charming Angel! She is numbered and limited. The bottom of the figure reads:

    "Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts." - Thomas Hughes

    On the box:

    "Our Charming Angels Collection is inspired by life's guardian angels. These angels look down upon us, protect us, and guide us as we travel along life's many pathways. In creating these celestial figures, the artisans at Boyds were inspired by the masters of the Renaissance... whose sculptures and paintings were infused with lifelike yet ethereal detail and flowing garments. Each figure is hand-cast from an original sculpture created by our skilled craftsmen and then meticulously hand-painted, utilizing the old masters' techniques and rich color palette. Finally, we stamp the piece with a Bear Paw with a Halo... look for this as Boyds symbol of authenticity!"

    A GREAT addition to any Boyds or Guardian Angel Collection

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    Home  > Boyds > Boyds Figurines > Boyds Charming Angels Figurines  > Product Information

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