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Jib Cranes

Portable Jib Crane:

The unique Portable Jib Crane design allows for easy transportation of jib crane with fork truck. The standard base included with your jib crane is not filled with concrete (The base may be ordered pre-filled with concrete for immediate use but you will have higher freight cost). The standard base includes instructions for proper filling of the jib crane with concrete.

Jib Cranes for Loading and Unloading Trucks and Vans:

Truck Jib Crane. Installed in your pick-up truck bed, this winch operated jib crane will help lift loads up to 1,000 pounds. Lift items from ground to truck bed height, then rotate into cargo area. This jib crane Includes telescopic boom design with manual hydraulic hand pump to pivot boom up and down. Manual cable winch (with ¼" cable diameter) to lift and lower loads. The jib crane comes with one grab hook, one chain slot lock, and one sling hook with latch. Mounting plate is 10½" by 10½". Base height is 12½". Overall height is 56". The jib crane swivels on a 360° base. Safety yellow in color. Jib crane has welded steel construction.

Van Jib Crane. The Van Jib Crane lifts items from ground to van floor height then rotate cargo into area. This jib crane has a hand crank winch is standard. A Battery powered winch is optional. The Van floor to raise hook height is 38 inches. The jib crane swing reaches 22 inches minimum to 42 inches maximum. The overall height is 46 inches. The jib crane mounting plate is 8 inches by 8 inches and the capacity is 400 lbs.

Multi-station Transportable Jib Crane

The Multi-station Transportable Jib Crane is designed for use in multiple locations, includes jib crane and one base socket. Extra base sockets for this jib crane may be purchased for use in other locations. The friction brake design allows positive locking and controlled rotation of heavy loads. This jib crane allows for 360° continuous rotation of heavy loads. You can handle most applications up to 1,000 lbs. and up to 120" radius reach. Hoist and trolley is sold separately (we offer a number of hoists and trollies).

Also Cantilever Jib Crane, Tri-Post Jib Crane, Wall Jib Crane, Tie Rod Jib Crane, Floor mounted Jib Crane and Air Balanced Jib Crane available (see below).

Mini Overhead Cantilever Jib Crane

Mini Overhead Cantilever Jib

Extra Travel Tri-Post Jib Crane

Extra Travel
Tri-Post Jibs

Floor Mounted Jib Crane

Floor Mounted Jibs

Low Clearance Mounted Wall Jib Crane

Wall Jibs

(for low ceilings)

Tie Rod Jib Crane | high ceilings
Tie Rod Jibs
(for high ceilings)

Portable Jib Crane

Winch Operated Truck Jib Crane
Winch Operated Van Jib Crane

Lifter Jibs for Loading/unloading Vehicles

Air Balanced Jib Lifter Crane

Air Balance Jib Lifter

Multi-Station Transportable Jib Crane

Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes

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Portable JIB Crane JIB-CB-100-8-10, 1000 lbs, 8' Beam
Our Price: $5,395.00

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