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3G Dynamo with 5 mobile phone connectors #44

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3G Dynamo with 5 mobile phone connectors #44
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3G Dynamo Flashlight with Mobile Phone Charger & 5 Connectors

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No batter or bulb ever required
  • Rotate the crank/handle clockwise for one minute - to get 60 minutes of bright light.
  • Charge your mobile phone while out camping or on the move.

Used as a torch

  • Press the pushbutton switch to turn on the middle one LED light (press again to shut off)
  • Press the pushbutton switch the thrid time to turn on all three LED's.
  • Then press fourth time to shut of all LED's.
  • So, select your desired light for appropriate environment.

Operating the rotating handle

  • First, switch the unit off;
  • The open the handle and rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise;
  • Place the handle to the original position upon completing operation.


  • Important: shut off when not in use.
  • Keep rays direct;y off eyes when in use.
  • It is waterproof ; however do not dip into water deliberately so as not to damage its functions.
  • A MUST to keep switched off when cranking the handle for power.
  • Must not rotate violently.
Great torch to take camping,on hiking trips, adventures, bike rides or anywhere that you will need power but have no electricity. Useful to keep in the car for emergency power in case of breaking down, so you will be able to have light and make calls on your mobile phone.

A fantastic product that is safe, environmentally friendly and will never need batteries or new bulbs.

Weight: 30gms
Size: 13.5 x 5 x 4.5cm
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Home  > LED's - Torches - Dynamo Flashlights  > Product Information
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